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The goal of Defence of the Realm is to build a database of articles covering the technology and history of the British armed forces as well as keep abreast of the latest developments.



Britain’s Forgotten Tank War
Saturday February 8th 1919. For a force so buried in traditions of uniformity the men assembled on the parade ground at Erin, France seemed somewhat out of character for the British Army. Certainly their uniforms were well presented, their boots cleaned and their caps on straight but where they differed to most British units was the fact that their epaulettes all represented different tank battalions as if this formation was made up of spares. The three officers and twenty-six NCOs were anything but spares however…CONTINUE READING

The Spitfire & the Lightning – how two British icons met in simulated combat
The pilot of the Mark.XIX Spitfire turned hard to port, his propeller driven aircraft being more nimble in this direction as opposed to starboard because of the direction of the propeller that turned faster than his eyes could see. The ever graceful Spitfire looked every bit like an angry angel whose home was in the sky as it’s wingtips drew long white vortices behind it. The Spitfire’s pilot looked over his left shoulder and saw the jet powered fighter swooping down on him…CONTINUE READING

A U-Boat in the Royal Navy
It has long been a tradition among the world’s major navies to capture enemy vessels and then impress them in to service against their former masters. It is a tactic as old as naval warfare itself and it allows a navy to replenish its losses quickly and remove a threat all at the same time…CONTINUE READING


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– Tony Wilkins

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    • Hi David,

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have been aware of this case and a few others but I don’t write about them too much because I feel I am not qualified to discuss such matters in detail. I will be inlcuding this in the next news round-up however.

      Thank you again.

      – Tony

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