Life aboard HMS Sirius in 1973

This government educational video was produced in 1973 and chronicled life aboard the Leander-class frigate HMS Sirius F40. HMS Sirius was launched in 1966 and served with the Royal Navy for 28 years before decommissioning in 1994.

She appears here in her pre-modernization guise retaining her twin 4.5inch guns. Two years after this video was made these were replaced with fixed Exocet anti-ship missiles as the RN believed naval guns were about to go the way of the dinosaur.



8 responses to “Life aboard HMS Sirius in 1973

    • Thanks for getting in touch. The Leander was one of the most versatile post war designs ever especially in the Batch 3 broad beam version. Google the Indian Navy’s Godavari’s class. Despite all the extra “clothing” it is still a Leander albeit with Soviet weapons (can’t help but appreciate a certain level of irony).

      – Tony


  1. Very versatile warship, the Towed Array gave us an excellent ASW capability 20 years on from being laid down. We see a similar expansion of the current T23 class with retro fit upgrades of sensors and weapons providing a versatility that perhaps wasn’t there at the conception of the class. I joined the Broadsword afer the Argonaut and always thought she struggled to find a role that suited her.

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    • In my humble opinion Broadsword was a victim of the idea that naval guns were going the way of the dinosaur. As such when the Falklands began they had little use in directly supporting the land offensive. She did seem a lot of ship for capabilities that weren’t that far surpassed the updated Leanders except for range which was superior


      • Wonderful ship as she was (and still is) I think you’re right and it’s telling that the Batch 2 and 3 Type 22’s were far more versatile weapons platforms. When we deployed to the Adriatic in 93 we were used as a goalkeeping unit for whichever High Value Unit needed it. We were more than capable but it always seemed a waste of a Frigate. The Argonaut whilst equipped with the useless Sea Cat was quite exposed to air attack but was a far more useful Fleet asset due to the towed array. Had they equipped the Leanders with Sea Wolf as well as the towed array they would have been quite powerful Frigates at the time.

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