Hawker Tempest V

Wonderful model work of an RAF Hawker Tempest by Amateur Airplanes

amateur airplanes

The Tempest has truly been a fantastic kit. The overall construction went favorably with just the wing roots needing extra attention. Academy did another fine job.
I like the result with this build. I am a big fan of the Hawker airplanes, with the Tempest and Typhoon being at the top of the list. It makes me want to get a Hurricane put together. This was such a relaxing kit to work on. It really did seem like it built itself. The decals were a little on the delicate side. That’s not such a big deal, though. The yellow leading edges on the wings almost never came to be. I was cleaning up all my tools and paints when I happened to study the instructions a little closer to realize that there was more to do. Not a huge detail, but it adds a good contrast to the airplane. It…

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