Aircraft Gallery: Tornado GR.1 Gulf War Nose Art

Tornado GR 1 'E' - 'G' take off

A total force of sixty Tornado GR.1s participated in Operation: Granby, the British contribution to the effort to liberate Kuwait from Iraq in 1991. Flying from Tabuk and Dhahran in Saudi Arabia as well as Muharraq in Bahrain the aircraft were instrumental in helping keep the Iraqi Air Force on the ground thanks to its JP233 munitions dispenser system. With their western Europe grey/green camouflage replaced by an overall ‘Desert Pink’ scheme the aircraft involved were soon adorned with a variety of colourful nose art; a tradition that harks back to the Lancasters and Halifax bombers of World War II.

Here are just a selection


4 responses to “Aircraft Gallery: Tornado GR.1 Gulf War Nose Art

    • When the Harriers were still in Afghanistan the pin-ups Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh went over on a good will tour. To honour the visit two of the aircraft were painted up in their silhouettes on the nose and given their names. The RAF brass were furious because of how sexist the images were (these were probably the guys who flew some of these Tornados in 1991) even though none of the female service personnel had complained. The sexist nature of nose art is one of the reasons we don’t see it so much anymore.

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      • I mentioned something similar about nose art of the USAAF during WWII in particular that they were censored by the auhorities. Some, noteably of the 490th BG, were actually very provocotive. A shame we dont see such work on todays military might!


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