Aircraft Gallery – Lancaster Nose Art


To the thousands of young men who climbed in to the narrow fuselage of Avro’s Lancaster bomber the aircraft was more than just a means to attack Germany. It was every bit a part of the crew and the aircraft in turn reflected that crew. Therefore personalizing the aircraft became a morale booster and helped fuse the crew together and the best way to personalize an aircraft was with nose art.

Here are a few examples of Lancaster nose art showing that the RAF were just as creative (and sometime gratuitous) as their USAAF comrades in their B-17s and B-24s.


3 responses to “Aircraft Gallery – Lancaster Nose Art

  1. The nose art “Our Beautiful Babe” on the nose section of Lancaster X KB976 was painted, by myself, only a couple of years ago. It is based upon original nose art from another Lancaster of the same RCAF squadron using the period magazine pictures used to create the original nose art. As such, it is a reproduction intended to represent the style and design of the period. — R.R.S. 2015

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