NEWS: RFA Argus a “Game Changer” in Ebola Battle


The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Argus docked in Sierra Leone yesterday bringing with it a significant quantity of supplies including a large number of vehicles intended to combat the disease that is ravaging the African continent.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said:

“These vehicles will be vital to keep Ebola treatment centres running across the country. From transporting medical supplies to ensuring treatment centres are well stocked with protective clothing, they will help increase capacity and capability as we work to control and defeat Ebola in Sierra Leone.”

Also aboard the vessel are over 300 medical specialists including doctors and nurses and the ship itself will provide a sterile, professional and importantly a secure environment with which to tackle the disease. One of the senior officials in Sierra Leone, Palo Conteh, described the British vessel’s arrival and the British operation on the whole as “a game changer” in the battle against the Ebola outbreak.


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