20:45 – A tragic time for Mosquito KB 364

Aviation Trails

On this night 70 years ago (November 6th 1944), twelve RAF Mosquitoes from 608 Squadron, RAF Downham Market (Bexwell), took off on a raid to attack Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Whilst the raid itself was a success, that night was to be the last for the two crew members of Mosquito KB 364. Pilot Officer James McLean (26) and Sergeant Mervyn Lambert Tansley (21) of the RAF(VR) were to die tragically on approach to Downham Market.

On the return journey, cold air and icy conditions are thought to have caused icing on the controls and wings of KB 364 making it difficult to control and lose height. What happened next was to be tragic, both for the crew members and the village of Bawdeswell.

To see the full story of that night and what happened at 20:45, November 6th 1944, click here

DSCF1168 DH Mosquito at the DH Heritage Centre

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