NEWS: Russian-Ukrainian Escalation?


SOURCE: Sky News – click for original article

NATO sources have confirmed the Russian military has entered Ukraine thus breaking the September ceasefire after a column of 32 tanks entered the country from Russia. The Ukrainian military said a convoy made up of 32 tanks, 16 howitzer cannons and 30 trucks of troops and equipment had crossed the border into the rebel-controlled Luhansk region. The move comes the day after fighting with pro-Russian rebels killed five Ukrainian soldiers and injured 16. There have been sporadic clashes since 5 September when a truce was signed in the conflict that has seen more than 4,000 killed.

It also sheds light on the increased activity of the Russian air forces this week which saw a higher than usual number of interceptions of Russian aircraft by NATO. It is possible that these flights were a warning to NATO that they will not be intimidated by the alliance when it comes to the Ukrainian situation. (Click here for more on NATO intercepts)


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