Past & Future Collide

Biplane Military Exercise 1914

A fascinating photograph taken in early 1914 during a military exercise on Salisbury Plain. The mounted cavalry officers look on as a biplane of the Rpyal Flying Corps, the precursor to the RAF, growls overhead. The Royal Flying Corps was founded on April 13th 1912, just 9 years after the Wright Brother’s first flight. The most destructive war in history would break out just two years later but to these cavalry officers and indeed the British Army at large just what the future for these contraptions would be was something of a mystery. Almost certainly these officers looking on with curiosity must have thought their future was still certain.

After all, what could an airplane really do?


6 responses to “Past & Future Collide

  1. It’s amazing how fast the aeroplane developed over the next few years. War is a wonderful thing for technological advancement and development. It must have been a real shock to see one fly overhead.


  2. This is truly a fascinating photograph depicting the end of cavalry. I wonder how many of those cavalry officers with feathers in their hats survived the first few months of the forthcoming war.

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