NEWS: £15M Contract for Falmouth Docks over Tide-class

Computer rendered image of Tide-class (foreground) and Type 45

Computer rendered image of Tide-class (foreground) and Type 45

A&P Group, the UK’s largest ship repair firm based in Cornwall, will customise and maintain the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s four new Tide-class replenishment ships which are due to come into service from 2016. The work is expected to cover three years in total and will be carried out at Falmouth. Adding to the nine vessels the company is already contracted to work on for the Royal Navy it means A&P are now the primary contractor for maintenance, fitting and repair of thirteen ships of the Royal Navy’s fleet. The contract was announced by Chancellor George Osborne during a trip to the South West where he highlighted his plans for economic growth in the region.

The Tide-class tanker is a class of fast fleet tanker currently under construction for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary of the Royal Navy as well as the Royal Norwegian Navy who have ordered a slightly modified version. The new class will be over 200 metres long and displace more than 37,000 tonnes and are designed from the outset to be more environmentally friendly by producing lower carbon dioxide emissions and being more fuel efficient. The ships will be double-hulled to prevent or reduce environmental pollution from oil spills if damage is sustained to the outer hull, complying with international regulations and allowing operation around the globe. The four vessels will replace the RFA’s three remaining Rover- and Leaf-class tankers


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