Gloster E28/39 at the Jet Age Museum

A collection of pictures of the Gloster E28/39 replica on display at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire.
History: The Jet Age Museum
Photos: Tony Wilkins

Powered by inventor Frank Whittle’s first jet engine the E28/39 was designed and built by the Gloster Aircraft Company. Its official first flight was at RAF Cranwell on 15 May 1941, but it had already left the ground during taxiing trials at Gloster’s Brockworth airfield on 8 April. The E28/39 at the Jet Age Museum is a full-size fibreglass model, assembled from mouldings produced by the Sir Frank Whittle Commemorative Group and paid for by the Reactionaries – former colleagues of Whittle – and a generous grant from Tewkesbury Borough Council.

5 responses to “Gloster E28/39 at the Jet Age Museum

    • I will be honest and confess I only found out about it thanks to Aeroplane magazine which last month did a list of all major air museums in the UK. It is a small museum but well worth a visit. The staff are wonderful


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