The Unofficial Monmouthshire Air Show

Normally I have to travel miles and miles to see this kind of thing but today the skies above my own house were filled with aircraft participating in Exercise; Joint Warrior 2015. My sister and brother-in-law were staying with us for the first time since we moved in to our new house in Portskewett, Monmouthshire and they thought this was an everyday thing for us which made me laugh. For nearly two hours aircraft were flying overhead at around 15 minutes apart. I kept my camera on the shelf near the front door and as soon as I heard rotors in the sky I was rushing outside to film what was going over. Fortunately four Chinooks and two Apaches make a lot of noise so I had plenty of warning.

Unfortunately I make a better writer than I do a cameraman but I managed to get some great shots of the Chinooks and Apache helicopters so all was not lost.

I uploaded some of the best footage to Defence of the Realm’s YouTube page. I am the dreary voice that says “crossover” at the beginning which for some of you will be the first time you have heard me speak. It was an exciting morning for me but some of my neighbours weren’t as thrilled as the first Chinooks went over at around 0730hrs…On a Sunday morning no less.

Tony Wilkins


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