NEWS: Three RAF Chinooks to deploy to Nepal

RAF CHinook HC.2 helicopterUp to three Royal Air Force Chinooks are being deployed to Nepal to assist in emergency efforts following the earthquake that struck the country which has left 14,000 people injured and countless homes destroyed. Two of the aircraft have already departed via a chartered Antonov An-124 cargo plane. A third example is set to depart in the next few days.

The aircraft are being deployed following an official request from the Nepalese government for more aircraft to assist in rescue efforts. Nepal’s geography means that helicopters are the fastest way to reach those cut off following the disaster who are in desperate need of medical and humanitarian aid. The capabilities offered by the Chinook will be a definite advantage.

The UK has already donated £2.5 million to the humanitarian effort.


9 responses to “NEWS: Three RAF Chinooks to deploy to Nepal

  1. Q 1 Why does the RAF have to rely on a chartered An-124 to transport the Chinooks
    Q 2 Its now 8 days since the quake hit are the Chinooks operational on site yet. To little to late comes to mind!

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  2. Just need to pay the right official the money. Fraction of the cost of the transport and operating costs of crew and Chinook’s
    Do we have a competent embassy staff or RAF crew with experience with the impress system and dealing with selfish greedy officials?

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