NEWS; RAF continues fight against ISIL

article-2218653-1587E181000005DC-320_964x702With the rest of the UK focusing on the general election the RAF continues its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). On Sunday May 3rd, two Tornado GR4s provided direct support to Iraqi troops near Bayji and conducted a successful attack with a Paveway precision guided bomb on a concealed ISIL position. Shortly afterwards, a Reaper flying overwatch for an Iraqi unit in Anbar province was able to identify two engineering vehicles which ISIL were using to construct defensive positions – both vehicles were destroyed with Hellfire missiles.

Tornado GR4s also assisted Iraqi troops on the evening of Monday the 4th of May; whilst trying to evacuate wounded comrades, the soldiers came under heavy fire from terrorists positioned in two buildings. Despite the proximity of the friendly forces, careful planning and the accuracy of the Paveway system allowed the GR4s to destroy both terrorist positions and remove the threat to the troops on the ground.

GR4s then provided support to the Kurdish peshmerga on Tuesday May 6th near Mosul, and conducted air strikes with Paveways on ISIL sniper and heavy machine-gun positions.



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