NEWS: Nimrod replacement may finally be on the horizon

10930885_713821595404981_1967185526330261729_nAfter nearly four years since the retirement of the Nimrod MR.2 maritime patrol aircraft and the cancellation of the advanced Nimrod MRA.4 the RAF may finally get back its fixed wing anti-submarine and maritime patrol role. According to the Daily Express newspaper plans are currently on the table for a £2bn investment in up to twelve new aircraft most likely the American Boeing P-8 Poseidon which will be delivered over the coming years.

The newspaper adds that the increased presence of Russian submarines around UK waters was one of the driving forces behind the decision to finally acquire a Nimrod replacement. The lack of a long range maritime patrol aircraft led to the embarrassing situation of Britain having to ask its NATO allies for help in locating a Russian submarine around Scottish waters last year. The need for a replacement has led to wild speculation and rumours including a report claiming that the Japanese offered the RAF their Kawasaki P-1.

The MoD has stated that a review of submarine detection capabilities will be reviewed later this year.


9 responses to “NEWS: Nimrod replacement may finally be on the horizon

    • If that pillock Cameron had mothballed the Mk4 Nimrod instead of demolishing them we wouldn’t be in this situation. After all, it had already spent a fortune building the Mk4s (4 of which were already flying sorties from RAF Kinloss) so anyone with an ounce of common sense would have stopped the production of any more than the ones almost complete and shelved the plans could have saved millions.

      This situation is actually worse than the TSR 2 cock up. By going with the mothball route the Nimrod could have been back in service within months whereas the refit of any already built airframes to bring them to operational use, including the complete re-design of an electronic package both to fit both the aircraft interior and any alteration to the airframe itself will take years. To add to that, this country has a habit of accepting designs but not at initial cost. We get stuck with delays and higher costs because we don’t insist on penalty clauses therefore by delivery the initial cost is usually at least doubled.

      Puts soap box away.


  1. As long as we use or own sensors, and the recording of data so that we don’t have to give all the data to the yanks, who will then only give us back what they choose

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  2. Nimrod was dead and buried. MR2 and the R1 suffered terrible parts issues and was suffering badly, so had no choice but to retire them.
    The MRa4 was flawed from the beginning and was never going to work and should never have been started.
    Poseidon P8 are already built and kitted out. 54 Sqn from RAF Waddington have been training and working on them for at least two years.
    2017 should see RAF Waddington have several based there and fully operational, almost immediately.

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