NEWS: New Ministers appointed to MoD

UK-Ministry-Defence (1)

Following the Conservative Party victory in the recent general election, Prime Minister David Cameron has retained Philip Dunne MP as Minister of State for Defence Equipment, Technology and Support while Penny Mordaunt MP becomes Minister for the Armed Forces.

Mourdaunt, herself a Royal Navy Reservist and the first woman to take up the post, said upon her new appointment;

“I am delighted to have been appointed to the role of Minister of State for the Armed Forces and I am particularly proud to be the first woman to take up the role…The UK’s Armed Forces have consistently proved their high readiness and ability to deploy with an impressive and vast array of capabilities both internationally and on the domestic stage. Over the last year alone they have been at the forefront of responding to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone; helping to tackle the barbaric scourge of ISIL in Iraq as well as successfully drawing down military operations in Afghanistan.”


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