Defence of the Realm Podcast Q&A

Podcast Title Card QA

Do you have any questions you would like to put forward or have any views you would like addressed regarding the current defence situation in the United Kingdom? Perhaps you would like to one day participate in a DotR Podcast.

If so then please feel free to put them in the comments section below and I will try to address them in an upcoming video. Feel free to ask or say anything you want and as many questions as you would like.

You may want to ask things like

  • The origins of DotR
  • Anything about a specific article that has been posted or is in the pipeline
  • What have I got in store for the future regarding a specific topic you have interest in
  • What do I think about a particular area of defence under the new British government
  • Any question about the British military past or present
  • Anything goes basically.

Look forward to hearing from you

– Tony Wilkins


3 responses to “Defence of the Realm Podcast Q&A

    • OK John you may have noticed that nothing has come of this yet. Thats because the video I made got uploaded to YouTube only for them to tell me it was too long and I need to verify my account. Anyway it cant be uploaded now even though I have sorted it because it is now out of date as I have mentioned a few things as “recent” and they are not.

      I will be answering your question [again] either in another video or I may simply write an article with your question as the start point.

      Anyway, I was wondering if you would actually be interested in co-hosting the Podcast with me. All you need is Skype and I can record it and put it altogether. You could also use it as an opportunity and promote your work.

      It may come to nothing or it may really take-off. Who knows. If its not your thing then no worries and thank you again for all the comments.

      – Tony


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