NEWS: AWOL engineer claims nuclear subs are “disaster waiting to happen”

Vanguard classAble Seaman William McNeilly from Belfast who formerly served onboard the nuclear ballistic missile carrying submarine HMS Victorious has published an 18-page report online which he calls The Secret Nuclear Threat.

The unauthorized report listed many complaints ranging from such subjects as food hygiene all the way up to failures during testing of whether the sixteen Trident missiles (totalling 48 nuclear warheads) could safely be launched or not. Perhaps even more worryingly he described incidents where security passes disappeared or simply went unchecked whilst the vessel was in dock at the Faslane submarine base on the River Clyde. The report even claims that a fire occurred in the missile compartment and that it was quickly covered up.

The Royal Navy today issued a strong denial regarding the truth to these claims. The Royal Navy emphasized that it takes its role as carrying the nation’s nuclear deterrence extremely seriously and that all personnel involved in operating the Vanguard-class vessels carry out their duties to the highest of standards. Able Seaman McNeilly has been unavailable for further comment with his whereabouts currently being unknown. Both civilian and military police services are investigating leads to locate him.

Within hours of McNeilly’s report being made public, political factions in the UK against the nuclear submarine program spoke up in support of McNeilly’s claims including the Scottish National Party’s Angus Robertson who demanded that the Royal Navy and Ministry of Defence investigate the claims properly for to ignore them would, as he put it;

“…result in extreme tragedy not just for those on board but indeed for the entire planet.”

6 responses to “NEWS: AWOL engineer claims nuclear subs are “disaster waiting to happen”

  1. Why worry about a couple of little mistakes by the Navy when Putin has hundreds of the damn things rusting away, here, there and everywhere. I bet he’s even forgotten where some of them are!

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