NEWS: 5000 troops needed to defeat Islamic State

Islamic StateLord Dannatt, the former head of the British Army has voiced his opinion that air strikes alone have failed to stop the spread of Islamic State. In the wake of the terrorists making dramatic new gains in Syria and Iraq he outlined a plan he felt would achieve victory over the brutal terrorist organization. Number one on the plan is the deployment of up to 5000 British/American troops.

Lord Dannatt said;

We have now reached a point when we must think the previously unthinkable and consider that British troops, acting as part of an international coalition, may be required to mount a ground campaign in Iraq and Syria.

Lord Dannatt called for London and Washington to seriously consider putting troops on the ground working with Russia and China in achieving a resolution even if it means making concessions to Moscow such as allowing Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad political asylum in another country. Dannatt himself admits that the political challenges are great but given the threat posed by Islamic State they are justified.


The question I am putting to you is do you feel the situation has become such that it is now necessary to commit British (or international) ground forces to the fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq?

Please comment below.

– Tony


3 responses to “NEWS: 5000 troops needed to defeat Islamic State

  1. A political hot potato! All along the gov have said ‘no’ to ground troops. You cannot defeat an ‘army’ alone by airs trikes, it is inevitable (in my opinion) that ground forces will end up in the battle. The problem is, as highlighted in your previous post, we don’t have the resources to do that and maintain security at home. We’ve been cut too thin.

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  2. It isn’t often that I agree with anybody whose name starts with “Lord” but he is right. These people are the new Nazis and we need to avoid the mistakes of the 1930s. Thanks for posting this, by the way.

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  3. So-called IS are miving through the cracks of unstable and un-unified regimes in the area. They will never, it seems, join forces to defeat this threat.

    Militarily, they need to meet some real and coordinated opposition. Unpleasant as it sounds, I believe eradication is the only solution.

    Politically, the ‘West vs Islam’ message this would send could be costly. On balance, I would do it and deal with the consequences later. However, I do think that 5000 troops would be insufficient to attack and close potential escape routes.


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