NEWS: Ex-ACM Sir Michael Graydon tells David Cameron “repair the damage” on defence

Sir Michael GraydonEx-Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon was referring to David Cameron’s previous coalition government and current all-Conservative government’s failure to ensure that 2% of the national income is spent on defence as outlined in the requirements for NATO membership. If present trends are set to continue then the UK’s defence expenditure is set to fall below the target level within the coming years despite David Cameron’s demands on other European countries to maintain their 2% commitments.

Graydon added;

The Prime Minister has now an opportunity to do what he and the other major party leaders felt unable to do in this election campaign, namely to repair the damage done to our defence and security in recent years and to our reputation as a serious contributor to world security.

Graydon has strong support from within the Tory backbenchers who quite vocally concur with his opinion. Defence industry observers have warned that Britain already has serious deficits in its ability to maintain national security such as a significantly reduced surface vessel force, an increasingly ageing Trident missile submarine force and a total lack of a fixed wing maritime patrol aircraft following the absence of Nimrod. The situation is set to only worsen if further cuts to defence spending are followed through.


3 responses to “NEWS: Ex-ACM Sir Michael Graydon tells David Cameron “repair the damage” on defence

  1. How shameful not to fulfil your commitments in front of the rest of Europe. Perhaps he should look at his other commitments, most notably to giving away zillions to corrupt Third World governments.

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    • Don’t get me started. Don’t misunderstand me either I do believe that if we are capable of helping others then we should but not at the cost of our own people either economically or militarily. There’s no easy answer here but when I started my training when I went to work on the ambulances the first thing they teach you is don’t put yourself at risk to help someone else. Its no good everyone else having to deal with two casualties when there was only one before. Its an apt metaphor in this case.


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