NEWS: “Red One” suffers birdstrike

Red Arrows (MoD)

Red Arrows (MoD)

One of the Red Arrows’ Hawk aircraft sustained a birdstrike yesterday following a display in Anglesey, North Wales. The aircraft involved is said to be the lead aircraft which carries the callsign “Red One” and along with its pilot in the front had an engineer riding in the backseat. The aerobatic team had completed their performance above RAF Valley and were turning back towards their base in Lincolnshire when the incident occurred.

An RAF spokeswoman issued a statement saying;

We can confirm that a Hawk aircraft from the Red Arrows suffered an apparent bird strike in the vicinity of RAF Valley this afternoon…The aircraft recovered to Valley safely and will undergo checks from specialist engineers to ascertain if any remedial work is required.

The incident comes just days after a picture of the Red Arrows with a Seagull appearing to be flying alongside the world famous team during a display (complete with smoke trailing behind) went viral on social media.

Red Arrows Seagull


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