Challenger tank crush carAn 18-year old German driver had a narrow escape when her Toyota Corolla turned in towards a column of British Army Challenger II tanks that were trundling through the town of Augustdorf. The driver, who was still a learner under German law, pulled out of a junction when she found herself confronted by the main battle tanks (MBTs). Fortunately the driver of the Challenger was able to steer away from the car enough so that only the front of the car was crushed while the passenger compartment remained in tact.

German police investigating the incident stated that the driver of the British tank had no opportunity to stop in time or avert the accident and cleared him of any wrongdoing in the incident. The Toyota was crushed almost entirely ahead of the steering wheel causing an estimated £8,000 of damage. The Challenger did not sustain any damage in the incident.

Challenger tank crush car 2

(Photos: BBC)


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