33 Years Ago Today

Falklands War Ends

33 years ago today the Falklands War ended. A ceasefire was declared on the 14th June 1982 and the commander of the Argentine garrison in Stanley, Brigade General Mario Menéndez surrendered to British Major General Jeremy Moore the same day.

The war cost the lives of 255 British personnel, 649 Argentinians and 3 islanders. We will remember them ALL.


4 responses to “33 Years Ago Today

  1. Thanks for this post. I think the ALL is important. The poor Argentinians were pawns in the hands of the second rate politicians of the day, and 907 people pay for their crass behaviour.

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    • It was important for me to make that point. Since I set out to work on DotR I have tried to make a point that my goal is to highlight the history and exploits of the British armed forces but not to glorify war. Its a difficult balance to make and on Facebook especially I have had some quite aggressive comments from Argentinians over my Falklands articles. I hold no grudge against the Argentinian people and I mourn for their losses but they must learn that cooperation is the future.


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