NEWS: Typhoons intercept Foxhounds

RAF Typhoons escorting Russian MiG-31s (

RAF Typhoons escorting Russian MiG-31s (

RAF Typhoons flying out of Estonia have intercepted a quartet of Russian MiG-31 “Foxhounds” ahead of a visit to the RAF contingent in eastern Europe by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. The two Typhoons had barely been back at base an hour before the Minister touched down after having spent yesterday aboard the Royal Navy’s flagship HMS Ocean taking part in NATO exercises in the region.

As NATO exercises continue to provoke a response by the Russians the RAF Typhoons providing air defence services for the Baltic members of NATO have seen their busiest period since taking over the commitment in May. Since the exercise began two days ago the Typhoons have intercepted four MiG-31BM “Foxhound” fighters, two Tu-22M3 “Backfire-C” bombers, two An-26 “Curl” surveillance aircraft and an A-50 “Mainstay” AWAC aircraft in four separate incidents over 36 hours.

3 responses to “NEWS: Typhoons intercept Foxhounds

  1. Looking at that list of Russian aircraft, I wouldn’t have minded being up there myself, sitting in the back seat with my “I-Spy the Red AIr Force”. Except for an Antonov biplane at Hucknall years ago I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Russian warplane.

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