Armstrong-Whitworth (Gloster) Meteor NF.14 WS807 at the Jet Age Museum

A small collection of pictures of Gloster Meteor NF.14 WS807 on display at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire.
History: The Jet Age Museum
Photos: Tony Wilkins

WS807 was one of the last nightfighter models of Britain’s first frontline jet fighter. All the nightfighter versions were built by Armstrong-Whitworth as Gloster aviation had other commitments forcing them to outsource the work. The aircraft was built in 1954 and served in the RAF until 1967 when it was acquired by Meteor Flight based at Yalesbury. The aircraft is important to the Jet Age Museum because during its time in the RAF it provided the first experience of jet flight for the museum’s current chairman, John Lewer.

I took these pictures of the aircraft looking rather sorry for itself as it sat in open storage at the Jet Age Museum on July 11th 2015. Unfortunately these were the only pictures I could get as the aircraft is kept away from the public behind a barrier and when I asked could I cross it for some more angles I was politely told that were it not for Mr Insurance Man I would be more than welcome to. When I asked about whether it was to be restored or not I was told that it was on the to-do list but that other projects had a higher priority at the moment.

Meteor NF.15 WS807 (1)

Meteor NF.15 WS807 (2)


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  5. The main issue is the wait for phase two of the museum…. The restoration centre, rather than being low on the priority list. The team are very limited in what we can airside at the airport, with no cover from the weather.

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