Avro Vulcan XM569 Cockpit at the Jet Age Museum

A small collection of pictures of the cockpit of Avro Vulcan B.2 XM569 on display at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire.
History: The Jet Age Museum
Photos: Tony Wilkins

The cockpit of Avro Vulcan B.2 XM569 is currently on loan to the Jet Age Museum (according to the website) and is open to members of the public for tours. It was closed for repainting during my first visit to the museum back in April so I was eager to get in to it on this second visit. This is the second Vulcan cockpit I have had the privilege of taking a look inside after visiting Vulcan XM575 back in January. That time I only got to sit in the Air Electronic Operator’s seat (a fascinating position I assure you so do not misunderstand me on that) but this time the staff at the Jet Age Museum were kind enough to let me sit up top in the boss’ seat.

Once again the 12 year old boy inside of me escaped as I climbed the ladder up to the top level where the pilots sat. While my heart was of a 12 year old boy again my bumpy body reminded me that I do have a bit of weight to lose as I seemed to catch every protrusion on the way up. Sat in that seat I put my hands on the controls and really got a (albeit brief) feel for what it must have been like for the pilots of these magnificent aircraft. It didn’t matter that there was no aeroplane behind me my mind’s eye saw nothing but clouds ahead of me for a few brief seconds.

Back to reality; I spent several minutes with the tour guide (I forget his first name but his surname was Griffiths as he made a point to tell me of his Welsh routes hearing my accent). I then spent a few minutes taking pictures to share on DotR. Now here comes the confession; unfortunately my usual camera’s batteries died shortly after reaching the museum and with no time to go and get some new ones my wife kindly offered me her phone. Thus the quality of the pictures aren’t as good as I would like but I am sure I will be visiting again soon so I will take new ones with my camera then.


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    • Mate I bumped my head and caught everything protruding outward HAHAHA. It was also a warm day and it was quite warm in there. I came out drenched in sweat and my glasses kept steaming up but it didn’t ruin it for me.

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      • I sat in the rear seats at Newark they were bad enough. I’m fairly small and I can’t imagine sitting in the front. Maybe that’s the real reason why pilots wear helmets!


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