SITREP – July 2015 (One Year Anniversary)

SignallingWelcome to Defence of the Realm’s SITREP for July 2015. For those of you who are new followers and have never seen one of these posts before I would like to welcome you and thank you for giving the site a look. Basically, this is my opportunity to let you you know how the site is doing and the direction it will be taking over the next month. It is also your opportunity to let me know your thoughts on the site in general as well as to offer your own suggestions/input in to any of the projects that are on the horizon.

Well, DotR is now one year old and what a year it has been. What started as a side project has now evolved in to something that seems to occupy every spare thought that pops in to my head. I have made several new friends through the site and learned a lot myself researching my articles as well as reading theirs (check out DEFENCE OF THE REALM RECOMMENDS down the right side of the page). I know I keep saying it but thank you to everyone who has supported the site either through sharing, commenting, liking or just reading some of the articles. Your support has given me the encouragement to press on and find new topics to research and write about.

So what is coming up?

  • As I mentioned last month I am working on another article about British forces during the Russian Civil War 1918-19. I have been looking in to the role of British air power but don’t have enough data yet to commit to an article.
  • I do need to make more of an effort on writing articles about the Army. Unfortunately my own experiences are biased towards the RAF (and to a lessor extent the Royal Navy) which is why I tend to lean towards those areas. I will make more of an effort in the future.
  • As most of you know or have come to realize I have something of a love affair with the Gloster Meteor and while researching the history of Meteor NF.14 WS807 I somehow entered in the wrong serial number but stumbled across a bizarre story regarding an effort to smuggle two Meteor NF.14s to Africa to take part in the Biafran war of independence against Nigeria. There is certainly an article in this and you can expect it soon.
  • As always I will try to keep apprised of the latest significant UK military news. As I have said before DotR is a one-man show so I can’t write about every single piece of news but I will be writing about the most important news that affect the military on a wider scale.
  • I am planning on starting a series of articles chronicling the development of military rifles in the UK and their subsequent use to go in the Weapon Files segment.
  • As for the aircraft comparison series I have been toying with the idea of investigating Britain’s early jets with the Soviet Union’s early Yakovlev jets that were actually developed from the Yak-9 piston engined fighter. I have also been asked for a comparison between the Meteor nightfighter and the American F-94 Starfire so expect that one soon. I will also be taking British aircraft I have already made a comparison with and putting them up against other types to expand the series. This won’t be me cheating. I will be adapting the information accordingly.

Do you have something you want to see or a question perhaps? If so put in the comments below or message me on Twitter (link below) or on the Facebook page and I will gladly get back to you.

Thanks again all and have a great July.

– Tony Wilkins

One happy chappy!

One happy chappy!


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