NEWS: MoD will assist in Calais-Migrant crisis but not in a security role


It has now been confirmed that British troops will be involved in an operations to address the migrant crisis. The decision was made following a Cobra (Cabinet Office Briefing Room) meeting on Friday morning but the Army will not take part in a security role but rather will be used as a way of easing traffic congestion leading to the tunnel in Folkestone.

Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed the Ministry of Defence will use its land around Folkestone as a temporary parking space allowing some relief for the heavily congested motorway. British soldiers will work alongside police as part of the so-called Operation: Stack which has seen vast numbers of lorries parked up alongside the motorways leading to the tunnel as a result of the situation in Calais. It is understood that the police will have authority over the operation and that the Army is effectively operating in an auxiliary role.

On addressing questions regarding British efforts to improve security in Calais the Prime Minister said sniffer dogs and extra fencing would be sent to France to help the struggling French authorities in Calais who appear completely overwhelmed. If the relationship between France and Britain over the migrants was not strained enough already, this week saw the release of figures showing that UK companies are losing up to £750,000 a day due to delays prompting the leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harmon, to demand that David Cameron speak to his French counterparts about compensation claims.

David Cameron simply responded to all questions along the lines of;

This is going to be a difficult issue right across the summer…I will have a team of senior ministers who I will be working to deal with it, and we rule nothing out in taking action to deal with this very serious problem…We are absolutely on it. We know it needs more work.


6 responses to “NEWS: MoD will assist in Calais-Migrant crisis but not in a security role

  1. We will get further with this problem by cooperating with the French as much as we can. They do not want these economic migrants in their country any more than we do. The problem lies with the EC who lack any spine whatsoever. Do you see the EC ever actually putting these people on a plane and sending them away, rather than the easy way out of letting them all stay and live in Europe?

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  2. I think you are right there. It’s life is limited and there is a lot of resentment toward it. Somebody somewhere has to have the spine to say no, enough is enough. The EU let alone the UK cannot continue in this way. It’s not economically viable to accept all these people despite their circumstances.

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    • Dont misunderstand me I am not anti-immigration. We need foreign skills for certain things especially defence but that is no justification for opening the gates. I agree that we should adopt the Australian model for immigration whereby you have to demonstrate that you have the skills to contribute. In those instances why not grant them citizenship.

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      • That is the best way. I have heard other countries are doing similar things as they too have been overwhelmed. Sometimes the EU has a lot to answer for. We cannot support every migrant who wants to come for a free ride.

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