40 percent of 1,000 people asked didn’t know what the Battle of Britain was

Disgraceful. This is why I write for Defence of the Realm to do my bit to make sure these stories are remembered because they are why we are so free today

RAF Families Federation

PARISAN RAF pilot has signed up to take part in a bike ride to honour those who fought in the Battle of Britain. Flt Lt Andrew McMaster will ride from Paris to London to commemorate the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots who took on the… More information

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5 responses to “40 percent of 1,000 people asked didn’t know what the Battle of Britain was

  1. There is a reason for this: lots of schools struggle to find time for both Geography and History as separate subjects and therefore for History they opt to tell them the story of the rise of Hitler. This is clearly a useful thing to do in a society like we have now in England with people of so many different national backgrounds. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for a school assembly though. And parents could always do their bit, of course. The Battle of Britain has certainly been on TV a lot recently, especially on satellite.

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  2. I couldn’t bring myself to “like” this post…

    No doubt this number would be worse here in the States. We often see alarming statistics about how stupid most people are. I guess the good news is, most of them don’t vote! Of course the scary thing is, they might.

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  3. Well I can honestly say over the last year or so we have looked at the First World War, the Battle of Britain and built ourselves a memorial garden so that the little darlings that left me known full well what and when it was. A small dent.


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