(GALLERY) Bergen-Hohne Roundhouse

Located in Lüneburg Heath in Lower Saxony this impressive structure was built in 1935 for use as an officer’s mess for Wehrmacht units training in the area. The site was chosen due to the sparse population and varied landscape which offered opportunities for a wide array of training activities. The building displays the more glorious times for the German Wehrmacht when the country was casting off the shackles of the Treaty of Versailles which forbade them from establishing an army of any real strength. As such the building was lavishly designed and decorated with sculptures symbolising German history and of course the belief in German superiority.

At the end of the Second World War it was taken over by British occupying forces and some of its facilities were used as a liberation camp for survivors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The grand hall in the roundhouse became an overcrowded makeshift hospital where there were so many patients that they were literally squeezed in to any available space that could be found. In mid to late 1945 medical efforts began to wind down as the patients were transferred to Glyn Hughes Hospital after which it was briefly used as an accommodation block for British Army occupation forces before being handed over to the Jewish Central Committee of the British Zone for use as their Headquarters.

The Roundhouse continued to be used by the Jewish Central Committee until the camp was handed over to the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) in 1950. Under British Army administration the site expanded rapidly as it became an integral part of NATO’s training program and at one time as many as 50,000 British, German and U.S. soldiers were based in and around the region making it the largest training site in Western Europe.

On April 1st 1958 the British Army relinquished administration of the site to the West German Bundeswehr.

All photos were kindly contributed to Defence of the Realm by Ali May Watts-Meredith

If you have photographs or articles you wish to contribute to Defence of the Realm than you can email them to defencerealmyt@gmail.com. If successful you will of course be given full credit for your contribution and can even promote your own website.


6 responses to “(GALLERY) Bergen-Hohne Roundhouse

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  3. How appropriate that this Nazi edifice was used by the survivors of a concentration camp and then handed over to the Jewish Central Committee. It would be interesting to know what is written under the swastika on the last photograph. Presumably it is a grave marker?

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    • I am going to be doing a YouTube video with these pictures mixed with pictures of it back in the day and I have found one photograph with Jewish police officers on guard outside. Tell you what mate some of the pictures of the main hall as a hospital are horrific. How can human beings do that to one another?


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