SITREP – A big thank you for a big day


Hello everybody

I felt I should put up a post today thanking everyone for what has been DotR’s best day yet. Thanks to you reading, commenting, reblogging and sharing the stats for Defence of the Realm exploded. Usually the site averages between 350-450 hits per day but yesterday the site hit the staggering mark of 3,207 hits beating the old record of 1,954 by a considerable margin. The article on the alternatives to Poseidon for a Nimrod replacement had a lot to do with it but actually an older article discussing whether the RAF could assume the nuclear deterrent back from the Royal Navy was the biggest scorer thanks to it appearing on Forces News Online and sparking the creation of a discussion board.

None of this would be possible without you guys – DotR’s followers. Thanks to your support, kind words of encouragement, contributions and your sharing/reblogging DotR is growing far beyond what I thought it would ever be. Thank you so much. There are those who have particularly supported me since I began and I don’t want to list people because I will no doubt miss one or two and I don’t want that to happen. You know who you are as I am in contact with you on a regular basis and consider you part of the wider DotR community.

Don’t forget I am still looking for more photographs to build up the gallery section. Please don’t feel that if you have photos of the subjects already shown I am not interested in them. That is far from the case. If you have any photographs of aircraft, tanks, ships, parades, museums, etc then email me at Any photos I use I will of course give the owner full credit and advertise your own Twitter/Facebook/Wordpress site in the article.

Thank you again.

Best wishes

Tony Wilkins

One happy chappy!

One happy chappy!


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