BAC TSR.2 XR220 at RAF Museum Cosford

The story of the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) TSR.2 remains perhaps the most tragic and controversial in British aviation history. Even today, over 50 years since it was cancelled, arguments rage on both sides as to whether it would have given Britain a lead in military aviation until at least 1980 or proven to have been an insanely expensive “white elephant” that Britain simply couldn’t afford. Arguments aside however for those with an appreciation for engineering and in particular aerospace technology it can’t be helped but to look on in awe at the aircraft that was undeniably years ahead of the competition. Fortunately two airframes escaped the scrapper’s torch and remains on display today as proof of just how far British engineering had come by the 1960s. Unfortunately politics seemed to still be lagging behind…Or ahead depending on your viewpoint.

All photos were kindly contributed to Defence of the Realm by Sam Lee. CLICK HERE to view his project to build a 1:48 scale cardboard Avro Vulcan.

If you have photographs or articles you wish to contribute to Defence of the Realm than you can email them to If successful you will of course be given full credit for your contribution and can even promote your own website.


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