NEWS: Lyneham future tri-service training plan scrapped

MoD Lyneham (

MoD Lyneham (

A plan to turn MoD Lyneham, formerly RAF Lyneham which was home to a large number of the RAF’s Hercules transport fleet, into Britain’s first tri-service military training hub have been abandoned as both the RAF and Royal Navy withdraw from the project. This leaves just the Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) to train recruits at the site which has cost £121 million to create.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced the decision following a review of both RAF and Royal Navy phases stating that it was no longer the “best solution” to consolidate training at the base. The decision to abandon the additional training segments has put in to doubt the estimated 3000 jobs the base was set to develop over the next few years. North Wiltshire MP James Gray, whose constituency includes Lyneham, has said that he hopes that the Army will now build on the use of the site by the REME.


4 responses to “NEWS: Lyneham future tri-service training plan scrapped

  1. Informative as always. I have always thought that the MoD get away with it because they have a magic printing machine. George goes into a little back room every now and again and says “Arthur, knock us out 121 million quid could you? Somebody miscounted again”. Problem solved!!

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