NEWS: MoD to hold event to tackle national security threats on the “Deep Web”

Laptop Deep Web Mod

Ever opened a Google or Bing search and felt that you weren’t getting all the results for what you were looking for? The truth is that the average person is only able to access a limited amount of what exists in cyberspace through regular methods. The so-called Deep Web is a part of the internet that is hidden away unless you have the right methods of searching for it such as a specialised search engine exchanged between groups who have reason to hide their site’s content. The urban legend that has developed about the Deep Web as a result is that it is a place where you can literally get anything you want such as drugs, child porn or videos of brutal violence to name but a few. It has also long been suspected that it is a place where a great deal of terrorist activity takes place such as radicalisation and training videos and now the Ministry of Defence is launching an offensive against this realm of the internet.

The MoD in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) will be hosting an event in London between the 25th to the 27th September where software developers, data scientists and innovators are being invited to put forward their ideas and solutions for investigating the Deep Web in order to support the national security interests of the UK. The event will build on work already carried out by DSTL with the US Department of Defence’s Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (Darpa) as part of the effort to improve Deep Web searching and limit its use by terrorist networks.

As an added incentive prizes will be awarded in various categories for those taking part in the event.


2 responses to “NEWS: MoD to hold event to tackle national security threats on the “Deep Web”

  1. So the MOD has come to its limit on cyber knowledge and is now asking software engineers and hackers how to do the job. Wasn’t there a film like this. With such an ever changing field it must be incredibly hard to keep in top of this type of thing.


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