TSR.2 51st Anniversary of First Flight

On September 27th 1964 an aircraft that would come to symbolise both everything that was great about British aviation and everything that was bad about the way it was organized and handled took to the air for the first time. Over a century later the story of the British Aircraft Corporation’s TSR.2 remains the topic of hot debate with supporters for and against the aircraft continuing the war of words that began from the project’s very inception. Whether for or against the TSR.2 it is impossible to deny that it was a great aircraft technologically.


6 responses to “TSR.2 51st Anniversary of First Flight

  1. I was only 13 or 14, but mad keen on aircraft. I have always thought that this was the beginning of our dependency on the USA not just for so many aircraft, but for so many things in our culture. Still, at least no cabinet papers will ever come out telling us what a narrow escape we had from the Lockheed Starfighter.

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