NEWS: Man arrested over 1996 mortar attack on British Army barracks in Germany

46-year old James Anthony Oliver Albert Corry was arrested in Killorglin, Co Kerry, Ireland on Friday suspected of being involved in a Provisional IRA mortar attack on a British army barracks in Germany in 1996. His arrest served a European warrant issued by the German authorities for terrorst activities within Germany’s borders and he has now appeared before the Irish High Court.

Mr Corry is suspected of being a member of the Provisional IRA force that attacked the Osnabrück barracks in Germany on June 28th 1996. The Provisional IRA attack saw three mortar shells fired in to the British army barracks. Two of the mortar rounds fell short of the perimeter fence and failed to explode but the third detonated more than 20 yards inside the base leaving a crater near a petrol pump but fortunately no British service personnel were killed in the attack. A vehicle used by the Provisional IRA in the attack was also destroyed in an attempt to conceal forensic evidence. The Provisional IRA later said that the main goal of the attack was to confirm their presence on mainland Europe rather than cause any specific damage to the British Army.

Corry has been remanded in custody of the Irish Garda until Tuesday by which time a decision on bail will be made. The German arrest warrant highlights the German government’s desire to have Mr Corry extradited in order for him to stand trial in the country where he is accused of carrying out the attack.


6 responses to “NEWS: Man arrested over 1996 mortar attack on British Army barracks in Germany

  1. First and foremost, I am so glad to see such improvements in Northern Ireland in the past few decades, but it will be interesting to see how the neutral Germans will treat these people, if they get the chance.

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    • I was surprised it was a German warrant too. I can understand why they would want to pursue this after all you need to deter terrorism but I can’t see the German people caring at the moment especially with the migrant crisis


  2. Glad to see it happen. There are a lot of people out there who have committed ‘terrorist’ crimes and those who have suffered will want justice and more importantly closure. A fairly ‘soft’ crime in the wider scheme of things but it could have been a lot worse.

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