NEWS: Royal Navy to review health and safety procedures in wake of death aboard HMS Bulwark

HMS Bulwark (Royal Navy)

HMS Bulwark (Royal Navy)

At a time when the MoD is under a near constant attack over it’s safety record following several high profile deaths during training the Royal Navy has reiterated that it remains fully committed to improving it’s safety procedures after a jury ruled unfavorably towards the service regarding the death of a sailor aboard HMS Bulwark. Leading Engineering Technician (LET) Neal Edmonds, aged 42, became trapped in a faulty food lift while the ship was docked in Devonport last year and died from asphyxiation.

The jury found that everyone involved failed to follow the required safety procedures which ultimately led to LET Edmonds’ death. During the investigation it was found that LET Edmonds was not fit to be on duty that day having been drinking the previous night and that nobody stopped him from entering the lift which was not designed to carry people.

A Royal Navy spokesman said;

First and foremost our thoughts remain with the family of LET Neal Edmonds at this very difficult time. We acknowledge the professionalism of all those involved in the detailed examination of the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of LET Edmonds. We respect the jury’s conclusion and will now consider the coroner’s recommendations carefully.


6 responses to “NEWS: Royal Navy to review health and safety procedures in wake of death aboard HMS Bulwark

  1. This has nothing to do with health and safety regulations. Health and safety regulations and the rules of engagement are the only two things preventing us from winning the war on terror!


  2. Whilst I have every sympathy for his family it was his fault not that of the Royal Navy. Why should there be an investigation and probably hours of training on how to get in and out of a food lift when actually, as a serving crewman, you would hope he had the brains to not get in there in the first place. Do these people fire missiles too?

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