Do Not Return To Base

A fascinating account of action between the RAF and the Luftwaffe on January 1st 1945. It may have been the beginning of the last year of the war but the Luftwaffe showed that it still had teeth as while RAF Mitchell bombers attacked supply lines their bases in France and Belgium were straffed and bombed by Luftwaffe fighter-bombers forcing them to divert. Meanwhile RAF fighters scrambled to take down the Germans who suffered accordingly as by this time the Allies had largely attained air superiority.

(CAUTION: There is an image of dead bodies in this video so if you are likely to be upset by such images don’t watch)


4 responses to “Do Not Return To Base

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  2. The Germans certainly fought to the end, even setting up suicide flights to fly into bombers (their name escapes me). I don’t think they were particularly effective but the thought was there. This film was a ‘great’ find!

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