NEWS: British special forces to return to Afghanistan

Earlier this week it was revealed that British Special Forces will return to Camp Bastion in Southern Afghanistan to repel repeated efforts by Taliban forces to capture the former base. The decision was announced following the US confirming that they will be extending their military presence in the country beyond 2016. Originally the US planned to pull the last of their combat forces out of the country by January. The British team will operate under the American command structure as part of US forces. Additionally, more British soldiers will be deployed to the country to train the Afghan National Army.

The US extension came after the Afghan government expressed their fears that the Taliban are attempting to seize control of the province which would be disastrous for the Afghan leadership. Some observers have already used the request to emphasize both NATO’s failure to secure victory in Afghanistan and that it pulled out of the country too soon despite 13 years of military operations.


2 responses to “NEWS: British special forces to return to Afghanistan

  1. why do we never learn, there will never be peace in that land as long as there is a
    afghan left alive. They have been fighting for hundreds of years amongst themselves and just about anybody else who cared to try and help them. Its just a waste of lives money and effort.


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