The ‘Invisible’ impact of serving your country

A look in to the effects of PTSD on ex-service personnel in the security industry

Corps Thinking

I’m Peter Webster, chief executive of Corps Security, and this is where I examine the issues affecting the security industry. My thoughts and opinions are intended to generate debate, and whether you agree or disagree with them, you’re welcome to post your comments below.Image

The security industry has attracted recruits from the armed forces for many years, as it is clearly a sector where many of the skills that leavers have learned whilst in service can be put to good use in “Civvy Street”. Corps Security, as most will know, was established to provide employment for servicemen returning from the Crimean War. What many may be surprised to learn, however, is that even today 55% of our colleagues have served their country in one arm of the military or another. Whilst this level of ex-service personnel is higher than most, we estimate that probably around 33% of our industry has…

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