NEWS: Disturbances at RAF refugee camp in Cyprus

RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus (Google)

RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus (Google)

The past week has seen a number of incidents of anger and frustration amongst the migrants who landed at an RAF base in Cyprus last month. A total of 114 refugees, mostly from Syria, including 67 men, 19 women and 28 children, landed in Cyprus at RAF Akrotiri. They have since been moved to RAF Dhekelia near Larnaca where the trouble brewed up on Monday night.

The migrants have become increasingly angry over the way they feel they have been treated with footage of a man taken on a mobile phone shouting at British police that they are being treated like animals while another man made reference to Guantánamo Bay. On Monday night British police had to force their way through an angry crowd in an attempt to stop a man from hanging himself.

The British government has reiterated that is has an agreement with the Cypriot authorities to hand over the migrants and a small number have been moved out but around 100 remain at the camp. The government has stressed that the British bases on Cyprus will not be allowed to become a “new migrant route” to the UK but did emphasize that the conditions at the facility were better than other migrant camps across Europe.


6 responses to “NEWS: Disturbances at RAF refugee camp in Cyprus

  1. I know these people have been through a lot and ‘most’ are probably terrified out of their wits, bud I get a small sense of ungratefulness here. They are expecting to walk in to a new country and be looked after. This whole situation is beginning to irritate me.

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