NEWS: British special forces to receive £2bn to fund war against ISIS

Special forces boat service

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the UK’s special forces are to receive a budget of £2bn to fund their war against ISIS. The money will fund new weapons, protective equipment, communication devices, vehicles and specialised helicopters for units such as the SAS and the SBS.

It is a significant increase in spending for the elite units and confirms earlier statements by David Cameron whereby he outlined that special forces will play a more significant role in combating ISIS. The £2bn is to be spent over the next five years but does not correspond to an increase in the MoD’s existing budget. This implies that the money is being relocated from other assets which will be downscaled. The UK remains committed to the current budget of 2% of the GDP as required by NATO membership.

Home Secretary Theresa May also confirmed that an extra 1,900 jobs would be created at Britain’s three main security agencies – MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. It represents a 15% increase in personnel whose main role will be to provide intelligence to the British government and armed forces as well as formulating appropriate responses such as the use of special forces.




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