NEWS: Ministers more divided than ever over air strikes following Paris attack


They (ISIS) are at war with us and it isn’t our military they are objecting to, it’s our whole way of life they are objecting to…[Paris] should serve as a wake up call

Those were the words former Conservative defence minister Sir Gerald Howarth MP said in the wake of Friday night’s terrorist attacks on the French capital which left 129 dead including one Briton. His words echo an increasing number of people who see British military action in Syria against ISIS as necessary. The current Defence Secretary Michael Fallon MP has described Britain’s lack of action as “morally indefensible” given that nearly all of the UK’s major allies are carrying out air strikes; something that has been the source of contention between London and Washington.

The reason the UK is not taking direct military action against ISIS in Syria is because of an August 2013 parliamentary vote in which David Cameron was prevented from ordering attacks. Now, the supporters for military action are hoping to persuade those who voted against it just how necessary it is for Britain to join the fight.

They have a hard road ahead of them however as both Labour and the Scottish National Party (SNP) remain firmly opposed. A number of Tory backbenchers are also opposed which has meant David Cameron cannot call for another vote for it would mean certain defeat. In the meantime British pilots are in action over Syria but flying aircraft on behalf of the UK’s allies.


5 responses to “NEWS: Ministers more divided than ever over air strikes following Paris attack

  1. I think that this is, quite simply disgusting. It makes me ashamed to think that we will not help Just what do Labour and the Scottish National Party intend to do? Naughty step for ISIL for a whole week?

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  2. I’d ask every MP opposed to this to think how they would justify that opposition if it was London or Manchester that had been attacked? Do we have to wait until that happens before we act – and then have it look like Brits only care for their own? Shame.

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