NEWS: Man in court over shining lights in to cockpits of RAF training aircraft

RAF Valley Hawk T.2

RAF Hawk T.2 trainers at RAF Valley (RAF.MOD.UK)

John Arthur Jones, 65, of Bodffordd on Anglesey, has appeared in Mold Crown Court accused of 13 counts of recklessly or negligently acting in a manner likely to endanger aircraft or persons in an aircraft. The jury has heard how Mr Jones, who lives near the Mona airfield used by No.208 Squadron at RAF Valley as a satellite airfield, was so annoyed by RAF activity at the airfield that he took to shining bright lights in to the cockpits of aircraft flying overhead on night training flights.

The prosecution have accused Mr Jones of keeping detailed notes on RAF activity to both complain against the activity and then, more sinisterly, use it to predict when an aircraft was most likely to fly over. They claim that he become obsessed with the air activity to the point where he had a total disregard for the safety of the pilots.

Mr Jones denies all charges of attempting to endanger aircraft and the trial continues.


4 responses to “NEWS: Man in court over shining lights in to cockpits of RAF training aircraft

  1. Well, I’m sure there was an airfield there before he lived in the house. (RAF Valley opened for business February1941). He has no grounds for complaint in my book. And in any case, not really the right way to go about it!

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