NEWS: Ex-British Army soldier who fought against IS with Kurdish troops returns home

Joe Ribinson western kurdish militia

Joe Robinson on the far left with a captured Islamic State flag along with other westerners fighting for the Kurdish militia (Metro)

Joe Robinson, 22 from Accrington in Lancashire and a former British soldier, has returned to the UK after spending five months fighting ISIS forces in Syria with the Kurdish militia. He is now in the custody of Greater Manchester Police facing charges of assault and subsequently failing to appear in court both of which occured before he joined the Kurdish forces.

Robinson joined the British Army at the age of 18 and carried out a combat tour in Afghanistan in 2012. He is reported to have told friends that he went to Syria to fight ISIS because he believed it was a just cause and that Britain should take more of an active role in combating the terrorists. He has told how he spent time in a safe-house in Turkey before he was sneaked across the border to join other westerners fighting ISIS on behalf of the Kurdish militia.

Speaking about the Kurdish people he said;

The Kurdish people have been fighting hard for the past five years. Their families have been wiped out, they have been sold as sex slaves, they have been slaughtered in the streets, and nobody is doing anything about it.

Robinson explained that he chose to return to Britain and face the charges made against him because he missed his family.




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