NEWS: RAF launch first strikes against IS in Syria

RAF Tornado GR4

RAF Tornado GR.4

Four RAF Tornado GR.4s have carried out the first British air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria. The aircraft were launched from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus less than hours after MPs voted to approve action. MPs voted by 397 votes to 223 for the RAF’s campaign to be extended from Iraq in to Syria.

The strikes were targeted against the Omar oil fields in eastern Syria which is under IS control. The aim of the mission was to damage Islamic State’s financial infrastructure. The weapon used in the attack has been revealed as being 500lb Paveway laser guided bombs.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon described the mission as “successful” and “a very real blow on the oil and revenue on which Daesh depends”.


3 responses to “NEWS: RAF launch first strikes against IS in Syria

  1. Let’s hope that DAISH/IS will be severely compromised by the welcome addition of British aircraft over Syria. The fact remains, however, that ‘boots on the ground’ will be required to completely destroy this fascist regime. What form that military action will take remains to be seen, but until we can clear out their fighters from their protective bunkers, the basements of houses and concealed positions, this war will be a long and protracted one. But I agree with the comment my colleague above made: This does mask the beginning of the end for IS. The RAF are here!

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