NEWS: Typhoons and drones join Tornado force over Syria

In the early hours of Saturday morning a pair of RAF Typhoon FGR.4s joined two Tornado GR.4s on a strike over Syria. The Typhoons had barely been at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for 24 hours before they launched their first mission attacking another of the so-called Islamic State’s oilfields in an effort to financially starve the terrorist group. The RAF has also confirmed that they have flown their first drone missions over Syria.

At present the Royal Air Force have deployed to RAF Akrotiri

  • 10 Tornado GR4 strike aircraft
  • 6 Typhoon FGR.4 multi-role combat aircraft
  • 10 Reaper reconnaissance and attack drones
  • 2 RC-135W Rivet Joint electronic intelligence gathering aircraft operating from the UK



4 responses to “NEWS: Typhoons and drones join Tornado force over Syria

  1. So much for saying they had no planes to spare- well thats what the newspapers were saying.
    Th whole situation is going to be a repeat of the Afghan experience, rely on airpower which is a failure then put boots on ground, which rely on airpower again along with helicopters, this too is a failure.
    Has the RAF on its own achieved anything , ever ? The big lesson from WW2 was the UK over invested in long range airpower, which they continued into the 1950s till Duncan Sandys pulled the plug on the whole expensive bloated structure

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  2. The RAF now has nearly 40 manned and unmanned aircraft deployed in support of Op Shader eg

    903 Expeditionary Air Wing aircraft operating from RAF Akrotiri and Gulf bases.

    10 x Tornado GR4
    6 x Typhoon FGR4
    10 x MQ-9A Reaper
    2 x E-3D Sentry AEW1
    2 x Sentinel R1 ISTAR
    1 x Shadow R1 ISTAR
    2 x Voyager tankers
    2 x Airseeker SIG INT
    1 x C-17
    2 x C-130J
    1 x A400M

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