Military Land Rovers from Fortress Wales 2015

Land Rover Series III Army camouflage

Peek-a-Boo! A heavily camouflaged Land Rover 109-inch Series III

Land Rover Series III Lightweight

It’s not a Jeep! Committed Land Rover enthusiasts will no doubt headbutt you if you call it a Jeep. The so-called Lightweight Land Rover (sometimes referred to as Half-Ton Land Rover or Airportable Land Rover) was a stripped down version of the short wheelbase Series III Land Rover. The reduction was intended to allow the vehicle to be carried as an underslung load by a Westland Wessex helicopter.

Communications Land Rover Defenders

There were two Land Rover Defenders configured as communication vehicles at Fortress Wales 2015. These vehicles would normally have a crew of two and would be used to relay communications between the area headquarters and the frontline troops.

The owner of the older vehicle was kind enough to talk me through some of the equipment inside the vehicle.




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