NEWS: Britain and France see Libya as next battleground in war against ISIS

Islamic State

There could be up to 3,000 ISIS fighters currently based in Libya, a country less than 300 miles from mainland Europe and littered with weaponry in the wake of the civil war there. That’s what the United Nations are claiming and it clearly has Britain and France worried. The French Armée de l’air (air force) has already flown intelligence gathering missions over the country in an effort to establish just how real the ISIS threat is in the country.

The news comes in the wake of an ISIS propaganda video where Jihadists stated that the country had immense potential in continuing the fight against the west. The Jihadists go on to claim that Rome, the home of the Catholic church, is a target for attack and will one day be conquered by ISIS fighters. To reinforce this message the video showed the brutal beheading of around 20 Egyptian Christians.

The exact extent of ISIS support in Libya is understandably difficult to determine but it is known that some towns and settlements have already pledged their support and adopted strict Shariah law. Several Arab nations opposed to ISIS have called for the Libyan people to put an end to the fighting in the country and stand behind the Libyan unity government to help stem support for ISIS.


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