NEWS: The RAF’s “fairly impressive start”

Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon FGR.4.jpg

A pair of Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon FGR.4s blasted an ISIS bunker in northern Iraq on Friday with laser guided bombs. The use of Typhoons over Iraq comes as the aircraft was deployed to Cyprus following the expansion of airstrikes in to neighbouring Syria requiring a bolstering of the small Tornado GR.4 force based at RAF Akrotiri that was previously committed to operations over Iraq.

Meanwhile across the border, Tornado GR.4s supported by Reaper drones conducted strikes against mortar positions established by ISIS. They also targeted a building that was being held by the terror group while Reapers fired Hellfire missiles at an ISIS convoy destroying up to three vehicles.

Further airstrikes have also been carried out against ISIS oil refineries with Tornado aircraft hitting a site in eastern Syria. All operations have been supported by Voyager tanker aircraft and Sentinel R.1 reconnaissance aircraft.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon described the first full week of operations over both Syria and Iraq as a “fairly impressive start”.


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